Elite Group is a company with integrity which strives to better the Micro Finance Industry through eliminating the negative perception of Micro Financiers and drive with a positive force.

It is a known fact that organizations offer loans to their staff for various reasons and in many instances this requires dedicated staff to manage these loans. In addition, with the introduction of the new Credit Act, the loans provided need to adhere to the Credit Act requirements in terms of responsible lending and should be lodged on the National Credit Database. This has become a burdensome task for organizations and it is with this in mind that we put forward this proposal, that will take away all of these headaches.

With Elite Group we strive to enhance the quality of our client’s lifestyle with tailor-made products. All of this is made possible by an enhanced Information Technology systems and a fully functional call centre. We strive to provide to all people in need of micro financing irrespective of gender, race, age or any other geographical constraints.

In August 2007, Elite decided to sell its shares to African Dawn Capital Limited. With this merger Elite and Afdawn ensured that the business will grow into one of the largest Micro Financier in South Africa.

The Company through its passionate and dedicated staff managed to secure new markets, targeting corporate and SMLE companies and secure payroll deductions for the loan products.

Elite has positioned itself perfectly through an extensive pipe-line that is constantly growing, state of the art technology and service excellence that will ensure continuous quantum leaps in the industry.